DROP is a gameplay feature that appears in Dying Light, containing humanitarian aid sent by the Global Relief Effort. These air drops appear 2-3 per day, but at random times, though none contain Antizin outside of select story missions. If an airdrop indicator appears on a player's minimap, the player will have a short time to arrive before Rais' thugs, which results in enemy resistance and one of the two dropped crates being emptied. If the player takes too long to arrive, the airdrop will be stolen and unable to be retrieved. In Old Town airdrops are no longer delivered by plane, but spawn in predetermined map locations. They are indicated by a white version of the airdrop icon and are stored within military-green crates and locked at medium difficulty. Oftentimes, 2-3 of Rais' soldiers will spawn around the crates. The Old Town drops will respawn. In The Countryside, drops operate in the same way as in the Slums.

Contents and appearance

Air drops appear in the form of large, orange crates dropped at a random location on the map via a C-130 Hercules. They display as a blue icon on the minimap, and when observed from a distance, the site gives off red smoke. Each crate, when opened, contains one Disaster Relief On-site Package and a bundle of Flares or Medical Supplies. In Old Town the crates often contain a DROP and Stolen Valuables, though the valuables have a small chance not to spawn. If the player takes too long in arriving, Rais' Men will reach the DROP first, resulting in three thugs guarding the crates. As they can interrupt the crate animation, it is recommended to either dispatch them or use zombies to distract them. The Disaster Relief On-Site Packages can be delivered to a Quartermaster in a safe zone in return for survivor points.


  • The further the player's distance from the airdrop, the longer it takes for Rais' men to arrive. Experienced players should find it relatively simple to retrieve the airdrops before they are stolen.
  • Once the player has beaten the quest The Pit, airdrops will no longer occur, and the player must find other means of acquiring survivor points. However, it is possible to simply farm the drops and max out your survivor tree by avoiding the quest.
  • In the Slums there can be found hidden airdrops, but unlike Old Town's, these do not respawn.
  • While the thugs will still spawn at night, you are given a significantly greater amount of time. These airdrops yield increased survivor points.


Video on how to secure Airdrops from Rais' men:

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