Dying Light - Community Bounty 5 - Hypermode

Dying Light - Community Bounty 5 - Hypermode

The Hyper Mode has been activated! This weekend ( November 25th, 12 PM PDTto November 27th, 11:30 PM PDT), have fun with your greatly improved motor skills and sudden surges of strength. Slaughter as many zombies and bandits as you can and help the community reach the global goal of 5 000 000 kills. Take part and win the Bounty Skin Pack!


  • Take part in the event to receive a Gold-tier weapon docket.
  • Help the community reach the goal of 5 million enemies killed to win the Bounty Skin Pack (includes: Golden Paintjob, Joker Outfit, Lemon Paintjob, Little Rising Sun Paintjob).

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